Persona’s & Brands

I like to focus on what value the company brings to the market while aligning it’s USP and position in the market to achieve your company goals. Understanding your audience and what motivates them increases your effectiveness of conversions.

What do your customers think of you?

Audience Psychographic:

• What do they do for fun?
• What are their hobbies?
• What do they value?
• What are their fears?
• What are their goals?
• What influences their buying decision?
• What’s their “buying moment”?
• Media habits?
• “Virtual Shelf”

Example Live Streaming App:

How do they make decisions?
Macro/medium Influencers
Reputable brands
Community talking about Live Streaming
Blog posts
Online community chats

What do they value?
Hard workers
Enthusiastic / dynamic individuals
Motivated Influencers
Passionate people
Realistic views

What Influences them to watch?
Dynamic people
Consistent material
Being open to new ways of doing things
Positive feedback
Compelling photos, enticing biographies