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PocketSocial Technologies Inc. Launches PocketLIVE, a New Social Live Streaming Platform

PocketSocial Technologies Inc., a Vancouver-based mobile technology company, has launched PocketLIVE – an innovative new platform for social live streaming.

Vancouver, BC — May 15 2017 — PocketSocial Technologies Inc., in collaboration with I Got Games (a Singapore-based mobile game developer), has developed and launched PocketLIVE – a new multi-platform home for social live streaming. Since its July 2016 soft launch, the platform has been downloaded over ____ times on iOS and Android devices, with over ____ hours of live streaming content shared to date.

PocketLIVE has emerged as the premium platform for those looking to develop and grow their social brand thanks to leading-edge technology, a supportive, fast-growing community, and a digital gifting system that empowers any streamer to monetize their craft and connect with fans in real-time. The platform sets itself apart through a commitment to quality content and talent development, drawing on the expertise of in-house talent development professionals who identify and nurture emerging leaders in the live streaming space.

There is an inherent time delay when viewing platforms like YouTube and Snapchat that creates a distance between creator and consumer. As an antidote to this, PocketLIVE combines the immediacy and rawness of live streaming with fun and interactive social components, providing a compelling new media space for creators and consumers alike to connect, socialize, and earn.

Steven Dai, founder and CEO of PocketSocial Technologies Inc., says “– quote from upper management [whoever’s available, maybe not Steve if he’s away…] on why PocketLIVE is different and bound to succeed –”.

About PocketLIVE
PocketLIVE is a live-streaming platform committed to empowering passionate content creators to share what they love, live. Accessible via the web as well as through mobile and desktop apps, PocketLIVE provides a unique and immersive combination of live streaming and social networking that allows creators and fans to connect on a real level, in real-time. PocketLIVE was developed as a joint venture between mobile app developers PocketSocial Technologies Inc. and I Got Games (IGG). For more information, visit

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