These sessions are design to have the end in mind as Yogi Bear said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up somewhere else”.

We can do Strategy Sessions on:
1. Vision / Mission (Roadmap Future)
2. Marketing Strategies(Includes)
– Digital Stratgies
– Social Media Strategies
– Advertising Strategies

Vision & Road Map Sessions is Something Different

Here are some questions and topic we cover:
What is the Company’s Mission/Vision? (Who are you going to be?)
Describe the Company Brand & Tone? Audience? (Identity & Position)
What is approximate budgets & timelines?

In these sessions we can develop clear and concise strategies including campaigns that support and achieve the objectives and hit your KPI’s.

Main Topic Areas:
1. Positive Outcome (Goals / Vision)
2. Hurdles (Obstacles)
3. Action Plans (Project Plan)
4. Accomplishments (KPI’s)

What do we do? Conceptualize the big picture (Vision/Goals) Develop a project action plan.

In our conversation we will use mind maps to visualize the vision. These session need to be booked atlas 2 weeks in advance and require 2 hrs of time to complete.

Contact Domenic Directly for schedule opportunities